locked Re: JTAlert cannot log to a HRD Access logbook unless it is open

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On 25/04/2021 1:58 am, WU9D wrote:

I keep getting error messages when trying to log to my HRD logbook. If the logging program is open then I can log to the Access database. But not if the logbook program is closed.


I haven’t had this problem before but I do now for some reason. I checked all the parameters and they are correct according to a previous post regarding the matter. I’m guessing the fix is something easy but I can’t find it.


I don’t have the error message so don’t ask for it. The version of the HRD Logbook is the current

HRDLogbook needs to be running. This is highlighted in the Help file. It has always been the case, it is not new.

Logging is done via the TCP interface of HRDLogbook, if HRDLogbook is not running there is nothing listening on the TCP port to accept the logging instruction. The only exception is with HRD5 & HRD6.2 (and earlier) where logging is done via direct writes to the log database file as there is no TCP interface available with those very old versions.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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