locked Bug report

Steve Weeks AA8SW

The LoTW Last Upload Filtering function is not working properly.  I have it set at 1 year with the flag turned on.

Today the software flagged N1UL as an LoTW member, which should have meant that he had uploaded within the last year.  However, when I called him, AC Log showed that his last upload was in 2015.  Of course I had to finish the contact to avoid being rude, even though it is unlikely that he will ever confirm so it was probably wasted time and QRM.  Later I went to the LoTW website to confirm that AC Log was correct and the last upload by that callsign was in fact in 2015.  His QRZ page says that he does not use LoTW.

I have noticed the same thing in prior versions of the software but decided to report it this time since it was not fixed in 2.50 -- which is otherwise great.  Thank you for the considerable effort that must have been needed to make those major changes.

73, Steve AA8SW

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