locked Re: .NET5 issues

Phil Cooper

Hi Laurie,

Last night I just installed JTAlert 2.50.0 but didn't actually try it, as I had been out at our club, and consumed a glass (or two!) of a nice Merlot, so I didn't want to have to think too much, so I left it.
Got up this morning, itching to see if it all worked....

And YES, everything seems to work just fine! I even went on 30m to ensure contacts were logged OK, and they were. Made a few QSO's with the new version, all EU, with reports around the -09 to -12 region, which were logged into DXKeeper just fine. Just as I was about to close JTAlert, I was called by a VK3 with a report of +12!!!

So, a big thankyou to you for this new version....

I cannot work out why FrameworkCheck was telling me .NET5 was not installed, but hey ho, some things are sent to confuse us!

Very best 73


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