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Phil Cooper

Hi again Laurie,


Sorry, been out at our radio club, and just got back.


Wow, that’s some early riser! No wonder you need naps during the day.


So far, I have resisted even trying to update to the latest JTAlert, as SDR# is simply refusing to run until .NET is installed.

However, I will try the installer over the weekend, and see if it even allows me to install v2.5.0.

I am hoping to play in the SP RTTY contest, so it will be later on Sunday or Monday.


A friend did suggest that Run as Administrator was needed to correctly install .NET5, but I tried uninstalling it, rebooting, and then running the .Net installer again as administrator, but that made no difference.


I will let you know what happens when I try to install JTAlert v2.5.0.


73 de Phil GU0SUP


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On 24/04/2021 4:22 am, Phil Cooper via groups.io wrote:

Didn't expect a reply quite so soon!

Just did that, and here is the screenshot..
To me, that implies it IS installed, but I'm not too sure I understand what is going on..

73 de Phil GU0SUP

What can I say, I am an early riser. just gone 4:30am here and have been up since 3:00am. That's what you get when you have middle of the day snoozes ;)

That screen-capture looks OK.

What happens if you ignore the FrameworkCheck message and run JTAlert, does it function correctly or does it throw errors?

de Laurie VK3AMA

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