locked Feature suggestion for variable filters for multiple instances #FT8


I use a Flex 6700 which allows using up to 8 receivers (slices in Flex terminology) for different band/mode configurations  simultaneously.  I usually monitor 6 bands at the same time with each receiver having it's own JTAlert instance.

Currently, the filter criteria is configured on the settings page and all instances are controlled by the same single filter criteria. There is no independence between the instances.

My idea is to have the ability to configure numerous filters on the settings page and save them under unique names such as Just NA, NA LOTW, EU eQSL, CQ Only, etc.These would be created on the main settings page and could be made available to each instance via a drop down list at the bottom of the Call Sign Window.

So with that option in place I could have Receiver A dedicated to DX only , Receiver B for NA, Receiver C for EU, etc.or I could turn off the filter  on any or all instance with either a toggle switch or by selecting No Filter in the drop down list for a given receiver while not impacting other active receivers. This would be a major benefit for Flex users in particular but also for anyone running more than a single JTAlert instance

Another advantage would be eliminating the need to go back to the settings page to select a different filter or turn the filters off during operation. That could be done via the drop box.

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