locked Re: Wanted county #FT8

Paul&Tracy Richards

Hello Laurie

Gridtracker has alerts for counties and it works very well. I know they are the competition but as both JTAlert and Gridtracker are free, maybe they would be happy to divulge how they do it. I am a keen county hunter and I use GT just for county hunting and JTAlert for everything else. The GT county tracker is not perfect but neither is the data it is drawing from - it is nonetheless a very handy tool.

It amazes me the number of US based hams who do not update their LOTW, Eqsl and even their qrz info when they move. I get 2-3 confirmations per week where the Eqsl and / or LOTW does not match their actual qrz address. It is frustrating when you know you have worked a new county but the electronic confirmation sent has the wrong location details. You just have to try and work that county again.  JTA Version 2.5 working beautifully here - many thanks

Paul - vk4ma

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