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On 19/04/2021 5:27 am, Bob Frostholm wrote:
I was under the impression JT Alert can query QRZ.com for other information and pull it into a log.  QRZ has county information for most US hams. Why would this not be possible?




JTAlert does save any County data returned from an XML lookup when a QSO is logged.

What is doesn't do is query the xml service for every decode received. Querying QRZ for the data of say 60 decodes received in a 15 second period is not going to happen. As a real-time lookup service for a single callsign it is adequate, but not for multiple callsigns. In order for JTAlert to generate a County Alert, the county needs to be know, the only way that can happen in real-time is via a local database lookup of some sort.

A reliable and accurate Callsign/County database doesn't exist. While JTAlert mitigates slow online lookups by caching received data to avoid return trips to the service, at some point there will likely be multiple xml lookups in a single period. With the slowness of 
QRZ at times and variable Internet speeds, it is not practical to perform xml lookups to determine the County of individual decodes, except in the singular case when you start a QSO with someone, then the multiple second delay in data receipt is acceptable.

There are plans for a County Alert, but that is dependent on a suitable Callsign database. That is still a work-in-progress endeavor at the moment. Any database created (sourced from multiple online databases) will likely to be somewhat inaccurate. Heck even the US-CA website is not kept up to date with County name changes.  Then there are the obvious errors in xml data for miss spelt or non existent country names or no county name recorded.

At a guess, I expect any County/Callsign database to be approx 50 to 80 % accurate. The wide variation in my guess is a reflection of the difficulty involved.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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