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On 19/04/2021 7:12 am, John P wrote:
The new call sign window is fantastic! No more missing callers! The info displayed when you hover the mouse over a call is much easier to read than in the older versions. BUT could it be possible to add an option to display the distances in miles instead of kilometres? If it's already there I haven't been able to find it.

Another suggestion... On the wanted states, grids, etc. pages in the settings perhaps you could add 220, 432 and maybe even 1296?

John P.


To Change to Miles rather than Kilometers in the Callsign tooltip, look under the "Alerts" section of the Settings Window.

A quicker solution is to use the menu of the old JTAlert window.

Additional Bands for the Alerts is on my todo list, it has been for quite awhile. Unfortunately, it is not a trivial task to add additional Bands, not only to the Alerting logic and the Alert Database rebuild code, but the Settings Window would need significant updating for each of the Alerts. There is no longer the UI space to add additional bands, each section is hand-crafted with display elements position and size hard-coded (yuk!). The last time I added bands I vowed "never again" with the old code. With the new .NET based code it would be a far less stressful exercise. It will happen, but not in the near future however.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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