locked Re: JT Alert 2.50.0 update and now nothing works on JT Alert app

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On 18/04/2021 8:30 am, Ed K0iL wrote:

I use both, but probably Edge on this one looking at history.  Yes, "Keep" was checked in each case.  I was testing if there was any Norton problem in the download so disabled Norton did another download.  That appeared with Norton Disabled, but downloaded file was identical to the first one.  Installed it with Norton Disabled.  Still didn't work.  So no Norton impact.  

Gave up on 2.50.0 and reinstalled last June's 2.16.7 with Norton restarted and changed back the WSJT-X settings.  It works again!  Made some contacts; it logged them automatically.  Everything works again on the older version.  I noticed I still have some Windows 10 virus and security stuff running.  But got burned out on trying to make this work on 2.50.0 at this point.  Whatever the problem is, might be time to look at GridTracker again.  For now, the old one works fine.  

Thanks to Laurie and yourself for responses and ideas.  

Are you certain you have the .NET 5 Desktop Runtime installed?
What does entering "dotnet" and "dotnet --info" produce when you type them into a Command Prompt window?
JTAlert 2.50.0 doesn't need to be installed to run those commands.
You should get something similar to this...

FYI, Disabling Norton, doesn't disable it completely. Norton has a long history of this behavior. One of the many reasons why many IT departments in the Corporate world long-ago abandoned Norton for PC Protection, myself included.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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