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OM Marlon, DW3CWM


Hi Laurie,


JTDX is set to auto log qso. If that may somehow affect this. JTalert is set to Auto Clear when JTDX decodes are cleared, in application. I find this setting as a ggod preparation for LOG4OM to log the QSO.


I tried to clear that option, it leaves the last qso in the callbox of LOG4OM, but clicking/double clicking the caller in the callsign window will not trigger JTDX to transmit. It is not a problem, the list in itself helps me manage a pile up of sorts.


Thanks 73 de DW3CWM, Marlon


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On 16/04/2021 8:24 pm, OM Marlon via groups.io wrote:

I can click / double click callsigns and jtdx would respond. 


I was referring to my station callers, they will now be listed, multiple if several others called too, below callsign list. After concluding qso with a callsign listed in callers, i was wondering if, by just clicking the other callers listed, i can trigger jtdx. That woul have been nice, but for now use it to remind me, the callsigns i have not concluded qso, the will all be listed in users. I hope I described the situation better hihi. Thanks



I understand.

The callsigns in your Callers display behave the same as the callsigns in the main Callsigns display with respect to click/double-clink events. Both events use the exact same code internally.

Are you clearing decodes in JTDX regularly?

If a Callsign in JTAlert is clicked, WSJT-X and JTDX will not respond if the original decode for that Callsign is no longer available.

Are you clicking older callsigns that have had their original decode cleared in JTDX?

de Laurie VK3AMA


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