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On 17/04/2021 1:15 am, Walter Reinert wrote:
When operating JTAlert 2.50.0 it will decode, but after a minute or two I get this attached message and the Main JTAlert window closed
Attached System info

Walt NJ8G


Another user had a similar issue, different line number. It was ultimately resolved by deleting the JTAlert config file. I suspect some setting within the file is the root cause, unfortunately neither my self or the Test Team have encountered the error.

Try temporarily renaming the JTAlert config file so that when JTAlert starts it creates a new file. Does the error occur after doing that?

The JTAlert help file (NOT the 2.50.0 features help file),  "Troubleshooting -> Setting Changes Not Remembered" section discusses where the config file is located and also how to roll-back to an earlier version of the config if needed. The help file can be access via the "HamApps JTAlert" Windows start-menu group if you're unable to from within JTAlert.

If JTAlert still throws the error despite being started without a config file, my suggestion at this time is to rollback to JTAlert 2.16.17

If JTAlert stops throwing the error after renaming the config.sqlite file, please zip it up and send to me direct (not via this group) so I can try and reproduce the problem.

Let me know your results.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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