locked "Callers" Display v2.50.0


In order to save screen space my "Callsigns" decoded window is arranged to be 2 columns wide, with rows from top to the bottom of the screen.  The "callers" display is a neat feature, but when you select the display position to be "bottom" (for instance) I only see at most two of the callers.  If there are more then two (often), they propagate off Callsigns display to the right.  I guess I expected that they would fill up from the bottom. two columns wide or whatever the width of the window was set to.

I don't know if that's possible or even practicable.

Thanks for some great new features.

Ron, W3RJW

FTdx-5000, Timewave Navigator, WSJT-x 2.4.0 rc4, JTAlert 2.50.0, HRD Deluxe v6.7.0.323
FTdx-3000, SignaLink USB

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