locked Re: Another Callsign Window Issue

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

On 17/04/2021 12:26 am, Tom Job wrote:
I have noticed that the callsign window does not always clear the old callsigns.  I have experienced the window populating 6 or 7 decode cycles before clearing. It's not a constant issue but rather an intermittent one. This is the first version of JTAlert that I have seen this.  Of course, I can clear it with the escape key but that shouldn't have to be done.  Could it be a Windows "thing"?  I am using Windows 8.1.

Has anyone else experienced this? 

Thanks....Tom VE3II

I have not seen any other reports of this behavior. It might be win8.1 related, but I am inclined to think a PC capability issue perhaps since you're running Win8.

What are your hardware specs, CPU core count, installed Ram?

What CPU usage numbers (percentage) are you getting at the end of a decode period when WSJT-X is at its busiest?

Is WSJT-X still displaying decodes from the previous period when the new period starts?

When this occurs, is it on very busy bands, like 20m & 40m where there are dozens of decodes per period?

de Laurie VK3AMA

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