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On 17/04/2021 2:19 am, Craig wrote:
GM.  First, Congratulations on 2.5  Great implementation.  Do have a question - when the 73 decode badge window appears, was it intended that double-clicking would not enable TX?   Do not see the option on this.  Thanks again.

JTAlert doesn't control whether WSJT-X goes into TX in response to a double-click, it simply sends the appropriate command to WSJT-X to setup for the QSO, the choice to TX is decided by WSJT-X internally.

JTAlert doesn't make any checks of decode type when the Callsign is double-clicked, it ALWAYS sends the command to WSJT-X, regardless.

A quick test, what does WSJT-X do when you double-click a "73" decode within WSJT-X (ignore JTAlert for a moment), does it go into TX, it will not (based on my tests).

de Laurie VK3AMA

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