locked Re: JTAlert - 73 Badge

Jim Cooper

On 16 Apr 2021 at 12:19, Craig wrote:

Do have a question - when the 73
decode badge window appears, was it
intended that double-clicking would
not enable TX? Do not see the
option on this.
my experience is that clicking on a call
showing the 73 badge SETS UP the
messages for that call in WSJT-X, but
does not enable the Enable Tx (which seems
reasonable, as the operator should decide
when to start calling a 'tail ender' call --
if you don't have the Tx freq locked, you
would start calling on top of the ending
part of the current QSO).

When you click on a call with the CQ badge,
it does enable Enable Tx because it's known
that you want to start calling right away.

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