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On 16/04/2021 6:07 pm, OM Marlon via groups.io wrote:
I am running JtAlert 2.16.17 / Log4OM2 and JTDX 2.2.0 rc152 on a modest Win10Pro64 ver 20h2 machine  simultaneously with no problems. Upgraded to JTAlert 2.50.0 smoothly after installing runtime 5.0.5 64. It was a plain straight upgrade, no tinkering whatsoever.  Had to look for the callsign window after as the main windows was just a simple bar after upgrade.

I Liked the way the callsign windows works now, especially the callers option, that is a great pile up reminder. if only I can trigger TX  via single or double click of the caller callsign, That wouild have been a lazy operators pile up handler, hihi. For now It help me manage the short pile ups. Thanks Laurie. Is there a way to do this?

73 de Marlon DW3CWM

Good to hear all went smoothly.

If JTDX is not responding to a single-click or double-click in the Callsigns window, it is likely that the JTDX "Accept UDP Requests" is not enabled. There are two places in JTDX you need to visit in order to have it respond to Callsign click events from JTAlert.
  • JTDX Main window, "Misc -> Accept UDP Reply Messages" menu.
  • JTDX Settings window, "Accept UDP Requests" checkbox on the "Reporting" tab.
You may want to adjust what click type, single or double JTAlert will use. See the Callsigns window Options, click the gear icon

de Laurie VK3AMA

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