locked Re: Congrats and Thank you

Herschel Hall

I agree with all of the above. I have never had a problem doing any of the updates including 2.5, I installed it yesterday & it worked just fine on the first try. I love the new features too.
Thanks for your efforts.
Herschel WA9KIA

On Thu, Apr 15, 2021 at 11:21 AM Kevin Utzy <krutzy62@...> wrote:


I have been using JTAlert since pre-FT8 days.  I have seen you go through the demands that FT8 put on the software - which wasn't on your radar back then and how you reacted and kept up with the new mode and improved it.

How many years have your said "it will be in the new version 2 of JTAlert sometime next year"?  At least four years I think if not more.  But those plans always got derailed because of FT8 and then FT4, now even more modes.  

So you finally got V2 out all the while maintaining the previous versions and problems.  Congratulations.

And thank you for your contribution to the amateur radio community.  I know (based on a lot of messages seen over the year) that some people have commercial expectations from free software.  This has been you labor for the good of us all.  I know myself and many, many others and I wanted give you and many others our recognition and appreciation for your contribution to the community.


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