locked Re: Do Callsign Alerts work with /MM callsigns?

Dave Garber

not sure if part of your answer, it seems by your image that an alert came up because he is sending a different grid square than you say you logged..
Dave Garber

On Thu, Apr 15, 2021 at 3:41 AM Jim Reisert AD1C <jjreisert@...> wrote:
Maybe I don't understand how the Callsign Alert is supposed to work.  I have the Wanted Callsign alert enabled.  The "Alert when decoded Callsign worked B4" selection is *not* checked.  YU2AX/MM is in the callsign list.  I am using ADIF logging only with JTAlert-X.

JTAlert 2.50.0 and WSJT-X v2.4.0-rc4

I had a QSO with YU2AX/MM on 30m FT8 on 2019-06-26.  My JTAlert log shows he was in grid square QK09.  I added the wanted callsign last night, but did *not* do any re-indexing.  However, my log has been re-indexed many times before that, well after that 2019 QSO.

Tonight YU2AX/MM is on 30m FT8 again.  The call is being Alerted - magenta background.  Ideally, that's what I want in this case (he's /MM, it might be a new grid), but it doesn't seem to agree with the unchecked "Worked B4" box (above).  He is calling CQ but not giving a grid square because it's a compound callsign.  Here's a screenshot showing the color highlighting in my WSJT-X window (from JTAlert-X):

Here's a later screenshot showing my QSO.  Notice that just after the QSO, YU2AX/MM has a gray background, indicating this is *not* a callsign alert because it has been worked before:

This is the part I don't understand:  Why did the *new* QSO cause JTAlert-X to see the callsign as "B4", but the older QSO did *not*?  This seems inconsistent with the setting/meaning of the "Alert when decoded Callsign worked B4" checkbox.

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