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On 14/04/2021 12:19 pm, John Petrocelli via groups.io wrote:
  I installed 2.50.x on a spare laptop running Windows 10 and I offer some observations.
  All are intended to be constructive and I welcome any input & critique

  I do like the new release although the new window structure will require a bit of adjustment in my thinking - not too much though.

  The callsign window seems to have some limitation on its text size.
  For someone who is visually challenged, this could be an issue.
FYI, unknown by many, I have a permanent visual disability (think pirate).
The Callsigns window like all the new 2.50.0 windows support zooming (text scaling), up to 200%. I personally run mine at 110%, but occasionally will bump it up to 130% for better visibility at the end of a long tiring day. See the "2.50.0 features" help file, "Standard Window Functionality" section. Make any of the new 2.50.0 windows active or the JTAlert window and hit F1 will open the new help file.

  The Main Window used to be attached to the callsign window along with the Menu.
  It would be nice if the Menu would be also available on the callsign window or an option to put (attach) the Main Window on the Callsign Window.
2.50.0 is a transitional build. Each subsequent build will remove some functionality from the old JTAlert window, eventually it will disappear completely (when all the old AutoIT based code is finally dumped). How the Settings controlled by the existing menus get implemented is still being considered. What I can say, any menus/settings that are window functionality specific will eventually be part of that window.

  As others have observed, (I use an ADIF file) the ADIF reading seems very much longer.
  My ADIF file has about 182,000 records Version 2.17.x took about 15 seconds to read it.
  Version 2.50.x takes about 95 seconds.
  As someone mentioned, this may be due to the .NET but I am not sure.
  The above numbers were on the same machine under Windows 10
This is a acknowledged defect and has been corrected. I have sent you a new build to test. After the defect correction, the 2.50.0 adif importer is back to being much faster than the 2.16.17 importer, which is how it should have been. Test results against a 183K QSO adif file, 1st image is 2.16.17 and the second is the fixed 2.50.0. Note the elapsed times and the throughput numbers ...


  I did successfully make 1 QSO with the new version before going back to version 2.17.x/
  Note that I an running 2.17.x on a Windows 7 machine but I may try to get the .NET 5.0 working on that machine.
  If not, I shall clone my Win 10 machine so I can work with the new version without adversely impacting my primary desktop.

  Thank you Laurie for all your great efforts !!!


Thanks for the words of support,
de Laurie VK3AMA

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