locked Callsigns not always decoding into Callsigns window.

Walt Flesher, W6SA

I upgrade to the newest version yesterday.  I already had Net 5.0 installed.

After the upgrade it took a while before I had any decoding.  No idea what I may have done to start it.

There is no persistence to my callsigns window.  I am presented with a blank window.  After clicking on different menus brought up by the settings icon in the lower right of the callsign screen it will suddenly start to decode for a short time and then present me with a blank screen again.  It seems to work whenever it wants to.

This happens over and over.  I cannot consistently make a contact without the screen going blank while I am transmitting and does not always come back with any calls.  It has been like this since I upgraded.  What am I missing here?  

Great looking program and features if I could only decode consistently it would be a pleasure.

Walt, W6SA

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