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On 14/04/2021 9:02 am, Tom Job wrote:


Just a quick one….in the callsign window, when I mouse over any call, I can see their eQSL and/or LoTW status.  The date in brackets for LoTW….is that date when they joined LoTW or when they last uploaded their log?  I’ve seen some going back to 2015!  I hope its join and not upload, good grief!

Cheers….Tom VE3II

The LoTW date shown is the last time they uploaded to LoTW.
Note: this date is correct at the last time the JTAlert Callsigns database was updated.

If you want to avoid these slow-qsl'ers, set the LoTW date  filter under the "Alerts -> LoTW / eQSL(AG) Flags" section of the OLD Settings window.


de Laurie VK3AMA

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