locked Re: 2.5.0 -- AutoIt Error

David - AK2L

I believe it is MSAccess as I have never attempted to switch to another database.  If others are using HRD without trouble, then I will try your solution.

For now, I have changed the logging so that WSJT-X sends the QSO to HRD Logbook.  JTAlert is set to use an ADIF file.  Every few days, I will export an ADI from HRD and have JTAlert scan that for alert updates.

Note: I did try to have JTAlert send (UDP) the QSO to HRD, but HRD was not picking up the submode from a MFSK/FT4 QSO whereas it picked it up from WSJT-X just fine.  Bug perhaps?  Settings error on my part?

In any case, the logging issue is a small inconvenience and I love all the improvements in JTAlert.

Thanks for the great program.

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