locked Re: dB vs Grid?

Bill - AA4M

Hello Scott,

Thanks for the tip Scott.  That worked, the only (minor) problem is that it loses the setting when I close WSJT-X and start it up again.  I can easily live with this!  :)

BTW - you have a nice callsign!  See you in the pileups

73, Bill  AA4M

On 04/13/2021 10:06:25, Scott Armstrong wrote:

That function/feature already exists in WSJT-X.
Double right click on the Tx1 button. The Tx1 message box will grey out and all QSO will start with the  Tx2 message.

-Scott AA5AM

On Tue, Apr 13, 2021 at 10:54 AM Bill - AA4M <MrBill@...> wrote:
I just downloaded 2.50.0 and spent about 2 hours working with it.  All I can say is FLAWLESS, WOW!

I did have one request for an enhancement.  Anybody who's ever worked DX knows that they often start a QSO with the dB report rather than a grid.  I like this, especially in marginal conditions.  What I'd like to see in JTAlert is an option to make my response to a CQ or tailgate (by double clicking in the callsign window) begin with my sending dB rather than grid location.  Can such a feature ever be implemented?

Thanks for the great software Laurie!

73, Bill  AA4M

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