locked Re: 2.5.0 -- AutoIt Error

David - AK2L

You don't turn off virtual screens -- they are a part of Windows 10.  But I did as you asked anyway and moved everything to what I will call "desktop 0".  I then re-enabled HRD6 logging.  JTAlert silently quit within 60 seconds.

Clearly, JTAlert doesn't like being connected to my HRD installation.  This is not a new problem; it existing in earlier versions of JTAlert as well.  But with the earlier versions, it would usually happen only once when I changed a setting.  I would then restart JTAlert and all would be well until I changed another setting.  With v2.50, it happens every time.

I would be interested to hear from other HRD6 users to see if they have seen any problems.

For now, I will look at logging directly from WSJT-X or perhaps changing my logging program altogether.

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