locked 2.50.0 Display priority callsigns/callers

Andy k3wyc

First of all thanks for this feature rich update to JtAlert.  As I became familiar with it I found several things I would like to change and, sure enough, there was an option that allowed me to configure the way I wanted.

So far I have not found no way to change the relative priority for displaying callsigns vs callers.   I have set a fixed size for the callers and adjusted the window size and position but not locked size or position.  My chosen settings allow 4 rows of 8 callsigns.   When someone calls me the auto-open callers display blocks the bottom line of my callsign display.  Since I usually consider these callers to be low priority I'd prefer they did not block the callsigns.

Is there any way to make callsigns have priority over callers  i.e. only display callers if there is space available?
is there a way to have the window size automatically increase to add callers?
Is there any way to inhibit the display of callers?

Thanks and 73,
Andy, k3wyc

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