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James F. Boehner, MD

Thanks Laurie,


My last computer on Windows 7 is my FT8 computer.  Fortunately, the 64-bit 5.0.5 framework loaded without a hitch.  I do not have the paid updates (I didn’t know they existed).  My Windows version is 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1.


I do like the new format of JT Alert 2.50, but I will need time to check out all its new capabilities.  I definitely like the “Last upload to LOTW” when I hover over the received callsign!


’73 de JIM N2ZZ




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Hi Laurie - 

Fantastic upgrade! No issues with the install. Took a while to see where all the items to adjust were, and now my Alert is all customized. 

The only minor request/suggestion I have is to center the numbers in the Activity Window, or make it a choice. Certainly not a big deal to leave it as it is.

Thanks so much for this program, Laurie. FTx wouldn't be as much fun without your essential add-on.



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