locked Re: 2.5.0 -- AutoIt Error

David - AK2L

The problem has resurfaced.  Here are the steps that brought it back...
  1. After deleting the preferences database, JTAlert ran fine for at least 1/2 hour.
  2. I went into the settings and setup HRD Logbook.  (I have the latest HRD versions and patches.)
  3. I then tweaked some of the alerts to my liking -- enabled some, disabled some
  4. Next I shutdown JTAlert.  (This is how I used to do it with 2.16 as it would often crash after changing settings.)
  5. I restarted JTAlert and told it to rebuild the QSO database.  I processed ~8,000 QSOs from HRD and I saved the results.
  6. I shut it down again as in #4.
  7. I restarted it and within 30 seconds, I got the AutoIt error again.  (Same line #.)
Is there any kind of log or debugging information that I can capture for you?

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