locked Re: Recommended Version of JT-65?

Eduardo E <sasb.geo@...>

Hi Laurie,

first of all thanks for your job and the excellent software you have been developing and making them available for us.

Second, thanks for our QSO on 30 mts the other day, it was amazing since for several years I was not able to hear/work VK here from PY due the poor cndx. Also nice to see the pop-up message from JT-Alert saying I just have worked the man hihi.

It would be great to see JT-Alert working with JT-65 HB9HQX version!
I have exchanged some emails with Beat, HB9HQX and he is very open and accepts to implement our suggestions in his project, so if some features are duplicated I am sure this could be resolved.

Thanks again

Edu - PY2RN

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