locked Enhancement suggestion/discussion - JTAlert directional/directed CQ

Andy k3wyc

It is quite common for stations to call CQ and only want replies from stations meeting some specified condition e.g. CQ NA, CD ND, CQ EU, CQ ASIA, etc.   These CQ calls can be highlighted by a red box (default) which I take to imply "Warning - don't click me".

What if that CQ was actually directed at stations for which I'm in the wanted group?  In my case I'd want to know if someone called CQ AZ, CQ NA, or CQ USA.   Perhaps the simplest way to implement this would be to have the user specify the exact match criteria e.g.

Show all CQ (border color)
Show CQ not directed at me (border color)
Show CQ direct at me (border color)
Directed CQ match criteria - USA, US, NA, AZ

Would anyone else find this, or something similar, useful?

Andy, k3wyc

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