locked Re: Important Announcement : The next release of JTAlert requires the .NET 5 desktop runtime

K1DJE - Dave Corio

On 4/7/2021 4:26 AM, John Petrocelli via groups.io wrote:
Thanks for the reply.

I shall
� 1) look into setting up ESU on the Win 7 machine

� 2) consider doing an upgrade to Win 10 in the near future

Initially I saw many people had issues with Win 10 changing things around during updates.�
I am running Win 7 on a Dell 990 which has a quad-core CPU and an SSD

John - Also running a Dell 990 (i5 2400) quad-core w/16G RAM. Runs Win 10 with no problem. Even supports two monitors without a separate video card. Been running JTAlert and WSJT-X on it for months with no trouble.

As a caveat, though, keep these two facts in mind:

1. Win 10 is near end-of-support (May 2021) for versions 1909 and lower.

2. My 990 would not accept the upgrade to take it above vers 1909, therefore leaving it about to stop receiving updates.

I've been running Win 10 on several PCs since they released the free upgrade years ago. Other than the problem with the version upgrade I've not had a single crash or BSD happen. The "End-of Support" issue means the OS will no longer receive critical security or Windows apps updates. The OS will still work and Defender will still receive antivirus data.

In general, Win 10 has been MUCH more stable than Win 7 or 8. The final decision, of course, is yours.


Dave - K1DJE

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