locked Re: Important Announcement : The next release of JTAlert requires the .NET 5 desktop runtime

John Petrocelli

Thanks for the reply.

I shall
  1) look into setting up ESU on the Win 7 machine

  2) consider doing an upgrade to Win 10 in the near future

Initially I saw many people had issues with Win 10 changing things around during updates. 
I am running Win 7 on a Dell 990 which has a quad-core CPU and an SSD

To accomplish #2 above, I an thinking of cloning the Win 7 system drive (SSD) to another SSD and then trying the upgrade on that clone.

BTW, I use Macrium Reflect Free (home use) to accomplish creating the image and then restoring the image to a "new" SSD

John R. Petrocelli - WA2HIP
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On 2021-04-07 07:30, HamApps Support (VK3AMA) wrote:
On 7/04/2021 5:14 pm, John Petrocelli via groups.io wrote:
   If I understand, I shall need to install the "ESU" before I install the "Net 5" on my windows machine.

   I still run Windows 7 and have not yet planned to update to Windows 10

   Additional input and comments are welcome

Thanks in advance
John R. Petrocelli - WA2HIP

That's how I read it.
If you're on Win7 SP1 you need the ESU according to this...

de Laurie VK3AMA

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