locked Slow Decode window


Hi All,
Been using JTAlert for a while now and I have a problem with the Decode window not updating for a long time (well over the 10second mark) and some times only a few call signs?
When there are lots of stations it just stops working.
Things like clicking the view button it is slow to bring the menu up, than click the clear and it either does it or locks up, at this stage I need to close and restart the decode window.
I also see that my CPU is running at around 20% when the decode window is active and 7% when not turned on?
I have 21,400 contacts.
I have rebuilt the logs.
I have put old versions on with no change.
I have played with the settings.
I have 2.16.17 installed
I am running windows 10

Any help please.

VK2AHE Barry

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