locked 'Unable to Communicate' Error...

Micky Corrow

Started getting this:
"Unable to communicate with the JTDX process.
UDP Port: 2237
IP address:
Values read from JTDX config file...

JTDX Detected Instance...
Process Window Title: JTDX by HF community  v2.2.0-rc154, derivative work
based on WSJT-X by K1JT
Process Command Line c:\JTDX\JTDX\bin\jtdx.exe

Decode alerts and logging will be unavailable until corrected."

Nothing has changed, was and has been working fine for 6 months.

Why? All is setup as it should, no updates have been run and the help screen looks good, as it has for months without a problem.

Micky K1XH

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