locked Re: "Any Digital Mode" and Wanted Zone

Laurie, VK3AMA

On 18/03/2021 12:06 am, Joe Subich, W4TV wrote:
<App_DXKeeper_EQSL_RCVD> is 'Y' because the QSO has been confirmed in

<APP_DXKeeper_EQSL_MEMBER> is "Y" because the station is an eQSL member
but has not supplied the necessary documentation for AG status. If the
station would supply the documentation, <APP_DXKeeper_EQSL_MEMBER>
would be "A".

The problem is the eQSL confirmation is not valid for WAZ because the
station is not AG.

DXKeeper has always identified *all* eQSL confirmations as EQSL_QSL_RCVD
= 'Y' consistent with ADIF.  DXKeeper only *counts* eQSL confirmations


   ... Joe, W4TV
OK Jo9e.

I was unaware that DXKeeper flagged non-AG QSLs as confirmed.

I will need to extend JTAlert to account for that.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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