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On 14/03/2021 1:57 pm, Joe Subich, W4TV wrote:
I think there is an error in "Any Digital Mode" in Wanted Zones.

It appears that "Any Digital Mode" includes RTTY.  However, the
rules for CQ WAZ *exclude* RTTY from "Digital" (there is a separate
award for RTTY).

I noticed DXLab/SpotCollector calling out FT8 spots from my own
JTAlert feed on 30 meters but no alerts from JTAlert.  I tracked
it down (apparently) to a RTTY confirmation on that band.


   ... Joe, W4TV


The "Any Digital Mode" tracking does exclude RTTY if the required checkbox is enabled for the CQ Zone Alert under the "Rebuild Alert Database" section of the Settings window.


This has been in place for many years now. If I recall correctly this was first suggested by yourself.

I just now ran some tests. and cannot fault the behavior.
  • With an empty log, I ran the rebuild and all CQ zones were correctly set as needed.
  • A single RTTY QSO was added to the log and the rebuild rerun (without the ignore checkbox ticked). The zone was correctly flagged as no longer need under the "Any Mode" & "Any Digital Mode" sections of the CQ Alert.
  • The JTAlert setting for ignoring RTTY was enabled and the rebuild rerun. The "Any Digital Mode" section correctly changed accounting for the changed setting with the zone being flagged as needed.

My only thoughts as to why JTAlert is not Alerting on a CQ zone that DXLab is is that JTAlert is looking at a different filtered view of your Log compared to what DXLab is using. While the Log file may be the same, if you have multiple myQTH ID available in DXKeeper, you need to ensure that JTAlert is set to use myQTH IDs similar to DXLab. If you have no myQTH IDs set in JTAlert than the entire log is used for the rebuild.

Assuming you have the "Ignore RTTY" checkbox ticked, a search your log will likely uncover a digital mode QSO (not RTTY) for the Band that JTAlert did not alert on.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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