locked Re: Double Logging Issue

Laurie, VK3AMA

On 14/03/2021 3:29 pm, Russ Ravella via groups.io wrote:
Since sending the request for help, I’ve had to travel to attend to a family issue.  I brought my Flex Maestro and computer to attempt to work the problem remotely and amazing, it doesn’t seem to be happening here.  I’m running the same s/w on the same computer as before, just remotely.  It would seem that either running it remotely breaks whatever the double log condition is, it is intermittent or whatever changed has changed back.

If the issue returns when I get back, I’ll excuse these instructions and send you the files.  Thanks again for you help !
Russ KR6W
Interesting. Sounds like something on your home network may be repeating the TCP instructions that JTAlert is sending to DXKeeper. If that is the case I would expect the problem to resurface once you return home.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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