Anthony W. DePrato

thank you very much for the kind reply . that  i can understand. i have noticed this happen 3 times in the past two days. as i was on 20 mts and got spotted on 40 and 80 mts also. i will be checking settings again in spot collector and WSJT. for self spotting. i will see a spot for me right after i send a CQ on FT8
and then i will see the spotting station change maybe 15 to 20 times in the next 2 mins. with a # after each call sign. i though it might be a rev beacon at first now i am thinking it could be skimmers . thinking back trying to recall when this started i keep thinking it was after i updated WSJT to the lasterst RC version. so i am going back to check setting again.

Al thank you and Neil for the kind help sadly of the 4 replys i received you two were the only ones with any help and NOT telling me i needed to go QRT or Learn how to use my software.

73 Tony WA4JQS /VP8SSI /3Y0PI/ V31SS

At 10:20 AM 3/11/2021, you wrote:
That can happen if the spotting station loss CAT and the radio is no longer on the same band as WSJT.
WSJT will continue to send spots after CAT is lost.


On 3/10/2021 3:09 PM, Anthony W. DePrato wrote:
Can anyone tell me why the below is showing up on the dx cluster also i would like to know how to stop this..

YES I am running the latest versions of WSJT and JTALERT.and DXLAB

YES I have all psk beacons and any think i could find that said anything about reverse beacons and broadcasting turned off.

also i never was on 14.080 so why does this false spot show upEmacs!

Thanks for any help
73 Tony WA4JQS

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