locked Re: JT Alert still shows worked B$ stations

Laurie, VK3AMA

On 11/03/2021 8:32 am, Laurie, VK3AMA wrote:

On 11/03/2021 8:07 am, Tim Davis KJ4DHF via groups.io wrote:
That did not fix the problem. It looks as if something not reading the logbook after I switch modes. Started great FT8 switched to FT4 still blanking out all the Worked B4 stations. Switched back to FT8 displaying all calls including the Worked B4.

Its rather confusing what your describing from your messages.

Do you want B4 callsigns displayed, yes or no?
  • if yes then don't use the hide B4 filter
  • if no, then use the hide B4 filter.

What are you expecting to see when you change modes from FT8 to FT4 with respect to B4 display. Are you expecting previously worked FT8 callsigns (but not in FT4) to show as a B4, yes or no?
  • If yes then you need to tick the Ignore Mode checkbox under the Worked B4 settings.
  • If no, that is you want to consider Ft4 as separate from FT8 with respect to B4 status, then leave the "Ignore Mode" checkbox unticked.

de Laurie VK3AMA

I neglected to mention, B4 checking is done against your log, one time only for the current JTAlert session with the results stored in a fast memory-based cache. Reading the B4 status from a log is orders-of-magnitude slower than from memory, thus the use of a cache. If you are changing the basis of the B4 checks, like "Ignore Mode" or "Ignore Band" or "Ignore Grid" than the cached status will be wrong, you will need to restart JTAlert. Note: there is NO need to restart JTAlert when you change Mode or Band, it is only needed if you change the criteria for B4 checking that a restart is needed.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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