locked WSJT-X Auto-Starts Later Than ACLog

Patrick Hung

Hi All,

I had described my problem of setting both WSJT-X and ACLog to auto-start (in this sequence) in another thread, but the subject had meandered there, so I'm starting a new thread here.

It was suggested that I lengthen the time (in milliseconds) for post-WSJT-X start, so that ACLog wouldn't start up before WSJT-X (and seemingly take the rig-communications port away from WSJT-X, causing WSJT-X's start to fail). 

I lengthened the time lapse to 6000 ms, and the results are as follow: upon first attempt, the process fails, as ACLog immediately launches after I click the JTAlert shortcut; WSJT-X takes its sweet time to start, and fails to connect to the rig (ACLog already hogs the port?). I close JTAlert (WSJT-X and ACLog also close as they are set to auto-close). I then try it again, and bingo, WSJT-X launches immediately, takes command of the rig, followed by the proper ACLog launch, and everything works.

This "second time's a charm" situation was my main problem prior to making the change to 6000 ms. 

Any thoughts/comments, anybody? Thanks.

Patrick - W6AJR

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