locked call sign spots

Anthony W. DePrato

This may be the wrong place to ask this if so i am sorry. but can anyone tell me how to STOP this.

last week i downloaded the latest version of WSJT.rc I have NOT downloaded a new version of jtalert for over a year.
i was on 30 meters calling cq dx and have dxlab running for my logging program.
i now see spots rolling in with my call sign and the source being changing calls from all over the STATES and EU followed by a #.
I figure this is a psk or reverse beacon deal.
i have psk reporter turned off and everything i can find in both WSJT and JTALERT that might transmit spots. i also have this turned off in dxlab.
but i still see spot after spot with my call sign as CQing on 10.036 FT8. and the spotting sources changing with each spot.
any ideals as i DO NOT feel the dx cluster is for spotting stateside station unless a EU station might spot me.
thanks for any help
73 Tony WA4JQS /VP8BZL

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