locked Re: Application Auto-Start Issue

Dave (NK7Z)

Try making the timeout for the first program longer, say 5000, or 6000 ms.

If I understand how the delays work, the number you enter into the delay is how long AFTER program start that the next item is launched.

So you are waiting 1.5 seconds, then calling N3FJP, which is probably too short a time...

73, and thanks,
Dave (NK7Z)
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On 3/3/21 2:03 PM, Patrick Hung wrote:
I've set JT-Alert to auto-start both WSJT-X and ACLog, but the two apps can't seem to start in the right order. ACLog usually launches right away, which for some reason takes away the TCP port from WSJT-X, which prevents WSJT-X from auto-starting the radio and getting going. Upon an immediate second try, after quitting out of all three programs, WSJT-X starts quickly (beats ACLog to the port??), and all is well. I don't understand it. Any ideas?
Patrick - W6AJR

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