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YMMV but I have win4icomsuite start up ACLog, w5jtx and jtalert. Jtalert will have a pop up about which version to start I just wait till w5jtx is running then select w5jtx.  Now to see if fldigi and run with or instead of w5jtx…



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Subject: [HamApps] Application Auto-Start Issue


I've set JT-Alert to auto-start both WSJT-X and ACLog, but the two apps can't seem to start in the right order. ACLog usually launches right away, which for some reason takes away the TCP port from WSJT-X, which prevents WSJT-X from auto-starting the radio and getting going. Upon an immediate second try, after quitting out of all three programs, WSJT-X starts quickly (beats ACLog to the port??), and all is well. I don't understand it. Any ideas?


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