locked JTAlert makes PC slow


I've been working on this a lot tonight, reading old posts, etc and I don't quite get it.

I'm running three instances of JTDX rc-155 (153 before that, etc). With each instance of JTAlert I start the typing into the PC gets slower and I think my FT8 decodes get slower. If I have only one instance of JTAlert running I can type character into W10 Notepad fairly smoothly but by the time I'm running three instances of JTAlert typing gets about five seconds behind. I first noticed this when typing messages into the Text Message Window.

I have some delay in my SDR/SDR program so I always use AutoSeq3 so I can have late decoding. But the delay has gotten pretty bad and is running two or more seconds into the xmit sequence. I have a fast computer and the load with three instances of JTDX/JTAlert only uses about 30% of the CPU and 50% if I turn SWL mode on to all JTDXs (I'm listening to dead bands ATM 6m &10m). So to me it doesn't seem to be a resource issue.    

I'm guessing I don't have something setup quite right when it comes to JTDX/JTAlert communication and that is causing the delay??? Can someone post what my settings should look like please (or a link)??? All three instances are working (displaying calls properly). BTW I have no logging program hooked up at all. I'm just using the stand along features in JTDX.

Doctor my brain hurts - (Monty Python)

73,  Jay  K0GU

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