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Jim N6VH

On 3/1/2021 8:34 PM, KEITH A JOHNSON - N8IKT / WV8KJ via groups.io wrote:
Hello guys , Im hoping that some of you all can help me . Im using N3Fjp logging software and Scott , the owner of the software , which Ive had for several years and I really like it, is telling me to give the group that runs this wsjt/x software and have them go to this web site to do some kind of api settings ,I think so I can use both programs together ,which would be greatly appriceated . The web site is , and I hope some of you guys know what hes talking about , Im really new to digital work and dont have a new rig but Im using a rig blaster plus to help me with my ft'8 . The web site is N3FJP.com/help/api.html. Im using a ft1000mp mark V field and the program work fine but when I try to use the logging the logging software with it it dont work together because they both work on the same port.I have to put the calls into the software and freq and all the stuff that needs to be done in the computer , so please can you make these two programs work together ? He said that it needs some kind of code put into the app so they will work together. I know nothing about how to ask for what he said but Im trying my best , which is not much for an ole coal miner doing new stuff with my ham radio.
                              Thanks guys   Keith Johnson WV8KJ

In JTAlert, go to Help - Open Help File. In the help file, click on Settings - Logging - ACLog.


Jim N6VH

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