locked Re: Worked B4 issue



I have sent the session files.  This issue is demonstrable at the moment in my station.  I check the ignore before box, set today's date, and even though I have made no QSOs since 2/28/21, I have stations marked in WSJTX as seen before.

I am sorry if I offended anyone by asking the question in the forum rather than immediately filing a support contact.  It has been my observation and experience that many issues get resolved by someone else in the group who has a quick answer.  What else is the forum for?  And to restate the obvious, of course I am interested in a solution.  Why else would I have posted?

As I have told you previously, I have relied on JTAlert since I set up my station a couple of years ago.  And I am pretty sure that I have used the Ignore B4 feature in past contests.  So something has changed here.



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