locked Re: Feature Request for "Alert Types" screen (f1)

Mark W2OR

On Tue, Feb 23, 2021 at 04:28 PM, HamApps Support (VK3AMA) wrote:
<< If a Continent is needed in the Morning, how can it be not-needed in the Afternoon and then needed again the next morning?>>
In so many cases, as in this one, the continent alert feature is helpful in alerting the operator to an opening to DX in a particular part of the world (continent), not that the continent is "needed" for an award, but that propagation is opening (finally) towards that part of the world, and once alerted, the operator, who may have not been sitting right in front of the computer staring at decodes, or who may be working at an adjacent operating position, or who may be working in the adjacent room (work bench), can then return to the operating position to make adjustments such as (a) changing antenna direction; change antenna type favoring a particular continent; (c) change to a different operating position in the radio room to one that is dedicated to a particular band/antenna/mode (e.g. Six Meters), or (d) return to the radio room if he is not present when an opening is taking place.  See example below.
       In the afternoons here it's great to be alerted by JTA when props are finally changing in favor of Europe and Africa. So the op returns to the computer screen and those two continents are then removed from the JTA selection to avoid the now continuous EU & AF audio alerts, while leaving other continents of interest (Antarctica, OC, and others) still active in JTA.   Making those two afternoon continent changes in JTA is a process that involves spending time making seven or eight separate key stroke selections (Log Fields bar >> F11 >> then wait >> then Wanted Continent >> then Bands >> then add/remove two continents >> then click OK).   Then, many hour later in the day or morning, the change of continent process in JTA is repeated when EU & AF have long since faded away and AS and OC are the primary focus, and once again 7-8 selections are made in JTA to make the switch.  No big deal.  But, if the JTA Alert Types bar (F1) had two continent fields to choose from instead of just one, it'd make life easier for some of us DX'ers.

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