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On 28/02/2021 5:50 am, K1APJ@... wrote:
Good day-

My installation of WSJT-X appears to work flawlessly, but I noticed that it appears to save a new config file every session!
here is a partial screen shot- There appears to be one file for each session since WSJT-X was installed on this new computer. Win 10 Pro.

Is this a setup error on my part, or a boo-boo, or "just the way it is?"

Thank you for your support of this terrific product!


These files belong to JTAlert not WSJT-X.

At most you should only see 7 days worth of these config backup files. JTAlert automatically removes older files.

The date & time in the file name is the UTC date & time when the file was created.

Something is not working correctly if your seeing files older than 7 days. Perhaps your Protection software is interfering and not allowing JTAlert to delete its files.

You can safely delete these backup files, those with a date in the filename. DO NOT delete config.sqlite, that is your current configuration file and all your settings will be lost if it is removed.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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