locked [Ham-Apps] JTAlert 2.3.0 available for download - Name Changes, New Features, Fixes

Laurie, VK3AMA <groups05@...>

JTAlert 2.3.0 is ready for download.

Starting with this release, JTAlert and JTMacros are included into the one JTAlert distribution package.
Both programs as still separate executables, but JTMacros will no longer be provided as a separate download.

Important JTMacros setup for existing, pre 2.3.0, JT-Macros installations.

  1. Leave old JT-Macros installed.
  2. Install 2.3.0 JTAlert release which will perform the JTAlert upgrade
  3. Run JTAlert and new JTMacros at least once to perform some necessary config directory changes. NOTE: if you have JTAlert set to auto-start JT-Macros, the old JT-Macros will start. Close it and manually run the new JTMacros to get config updated and moved to new directory location.
  4. Uninstall old JT-Macros.
  5. Run JTAlert and update the auto-start path for JTMacros if you use that option.

From The Release Notes...

  New Features:
    - Send a simple text message (max 64 chars) to other JTAlert user.
       (F5 shortcut key or via decoded Callsign right-click menu)
    - JTMacros start menu entry. Menu "Settings->Start JTMacros".
    - Program Name change from JT-Alert to JTAlert.
    - JTMacros now included as part of the JTAlert distribution.
    - For HRD Logging, now warns if Log ODBC DSN not set and disables logging.

    - Comfort 3.4 adif or mixw log not found for some installations.
    - JTAlert-X shows missing JT65-HF log file error at startup.
    - JTMacros not docked but being brought forward when JTAlert is docked.
    - Truncated adif data on import if data field contains "<" character.
    - Settings->Logging, select ADIF file not considering .adif extension.

  New Features:
    - ">" macro substitution character replaced with JT65-HF or WSJT-X TX Report.
    - No longer distributed as a seperate installer. Now included as part of the
        JTAlert distribution.
    - Program Name change from JT-Macros to JTMacros.

Download from here...

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de Laurie, VK3AMA

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