locked Re: Problem with JTAlert 2.16.17

Norman Heyen

Thank you for your input but no success. Nothing appears in the JTAlert window. After these changes, now versions 2.16.10 no longer works either. It should have been a simple upgrade but seems to have eliminated JTAlert from being useful.
Will uninstall it and try again at some point. But ham radio is a hobby, not a vocation. Trying to track down some obscure problem is what I did for decades and it is no longer fun.
Thanks to all for attempting to help but I am done with JTAlert for now.

On Wed, Feb 24, 2021 at 1:02 PM Laurie, VK3AMA <hamapps.support@...> wrote:

On 25/02/2021 2:12 am, Norman Heyen wrote:
> Thank you for the suggestion Tom,
> But I am still getting the same error message after closing the apps
> and doing a hard reboot of the laptop.
> Open for more suggestions. Just seems there was some change that I
> missed when I went from 2.16.10 to 2.16.17 that is causing this problem.
> Thanks to everyone for all the help,
> Norman

You keep posting about using on port 2237. Clearly that is not
working, likely due to a port sharing problem.
Move to using Multicast UDP as previously advised. see

de Laurie VK3AMA

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