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HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

On 24/02/2021 7:59 am, Mark W2OR via groups.io wrote:
Thank you for the addition several weeks ago of the Alert Types screen (Function key F1).  Unusually helpful.

Background:  I change the continent selection twice daily using Settings (F11), changed once in the morning hours, and once in the evening hours, depending on circumstances. Each change in Settings is the same, every day. Please see below.

Request:  The feature appearing in the Alert Types screen certainly helps matters as it shortens the time to make changes, and is very easy to navigate to.  It might be enhanced even further, and quicken the time it takes to change the selection of the various continents, if there were actually two such selections in the Alert Types screen, that is:  "Wanted Continent Set One" and "Wanted Continent Set Two".  Two of them there would shorten the time it takes to make the twice-daily changes in Settings.  They'd be selected or de-selected daily, depending on East-West propagation changes and morning and evening Grey Line changes.  

Thanks for the consideration.  //Mark

After reading your message twice. I still don't understand what your trying to achieve.

If you have Continents marked as needed, why are you changing them to not-needed depending on the time of day & propagation? If a Continent is needed in the Morning, how can it be not-needed in the Afternoon and then needed again the next morning? It is either needed or it is not, time of day and propagation should not come into it.

Please rephrase your request and explain why time-of-day and propagation is important. Sorry, but I am totally confused.

BTW, the Alerts Types Screen has been part of JTAlert for many years, it is not a recent addition.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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